I keep hearing more and more about guys who can't get something as simple as a girlfriend, and it just perplexes me. Is it really that difficult? If you're decent looking, sociable, well dressed, and just generally a nice guy that's not a push over, you should have absolutely no trouble finding a girlfriend.

To give you guys an idea, let's go over the girls that all came after me or let their presence be known to me when I was too afraid to approach them my freshman/early sophomore year of college:

there was the Puerto Rican chick that stopped me on my way to class, there was the girl that came into my bedroom expecting me to have sex with her after she caught her boyfriend cheating, there were the two girls who would just stare at me and smile everytime they saw me walking in the hallway, there was the girl who chased me down on my way home to talk to me, there was the girl in one of my classes that always talked to me and later flat out told me that I was hot because I was too stupid to pick up on the signals she was giving, and I'm sure there are more that I'm just not remembering at this moment.

I don't know how many girls that is, but look at how many opportunities I had when I wouldn't even approach girls. None of that had anything to do with game. And most of those girls were dimes, not your average looking women.

Why did they come after me? I was funny, nice, wasn't a pushover, and I looked decent. In fact, when I become involved with just a "cute" girl, they often tell me how intimidated they were to talk to me because of the way I look and/or perceived social status, as I am a very sociable funny guy.

And that was years ago. Now I get hit on all the fucking time. It's just ridiculous. I literally can get any type of woman that I desire without even trying hard. Not saying that I can have any girl, because I can't, just any type. There's a good chance that when I get dressed up and go out, a girl is either going to stare at me, or come up to me and make a comment.

You guys have no clue of how much of an advantage you have over the average guy. I was just talking to Misha, and he said he went out, got a few phone numbers, and a make out at one of the average adult bars where normal people go and not your pretentious high maintenance club sluts. And Misha is an average looking guy.

I was talking to a lady, and she was talking about how hot her daughter was, but that she couldn't get a date to save her life. Why not? She's not a club slut that goes to typical nightclubs. And the woman looked great for her age, so I believe her when she tells me that her daughter is hot.

She said that when her daughter finally got a date, the guy was absolutely terrified and couldn't even ask her clearly. He just kept beating around the bush. And this seems to be in line with what women tell me. They simply can not find men.

And the woman in question (the mother), said that she met her husband at MIT. She said that he wasn't all that physically attractive, but what got her was that he was funny, nice, and wasn't afraid to talk to her. She said guys talked to her all the time when she was at MIT, but he was the only one that had the courage to ask her out.

One of the girls I was working with before she was fired, posed for Maxim magazine, and she is fucking HOT. Who is she with? A bald chubby guy that doesn't make any money. He was simply a nice sociable guy that had the courage to ask her out.

Another girl I was talking to was just all over me. It was crazy. Well, let's not say all over me, but it was obvious that she was interested because she kept trying to figure out if I was available, if I date, etc. She asked me if I ever cheated, and when I told her "yes", she responded with "I respect that you're honest with me", and rolled right off of it and kept talking to me. It's like women throw themselves at men that "get it" simply because they don't run into guys that are decent anymore.

At first, I didn't quite understand why women would cling onto me so tightly, and constantly say things like "You are amazing", "...AND you're hot", "I never meet any guys like you", and now it's all starting to make sense. It's simply because in the real world, men like me are very rare.

If you guys start to look outside of nightclubs, and start focusing your game on building a social circle and talking to the women within it, you will start to have women lining up to be with you, provided you are actually applying what I've been teaching you. All you have to do is combine confidence with social competence, and you'll be home free.

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